I have passed CFA level 1 which was held in February 2023 on my first attempt. I took the CFA Level 1 exam preparation course provided by Kaplan Edupac in August – November 2022. The course really helped me prepare for my CFA level 1 exam. Here, some of the excellent services they provide: First, the slide materials and videos provided by Kaplan are very effective and include most of the required CFA materials.

Since I had limited time to study, this pack of CFA preparation slides and videos by Kaplan helped me demonstrate and summarize the important lessons I needed to understand more deeply. Second, there are thousands of related practice questions in the question bank that will help you familiarize yourself with CFA questions. Third, the program or website is user-friendly, the question bank and material packages are well organized, I can easily measure my learning progress and practice scores. Last but not least, all the tutors are professional and very knowledgeable on the topic, they will help you if you have questions related to exams or even professional practices regarding the topic. Thank you Kaplan Edupac.