Top Reasons for Taking GOL Classes:

  • Earn Credits Accepted by UC Berkeley, USC & 150+ Universities
  • Self-paced Classes Taught by Our College Professors
  • Save up to 65% of University Tuition
  • Freshman Scholarships and Credit Based Scholarships
  • Current High School Students Accepted
  • Learn from top-ranked transfer colleges professors
  • Engage with American faculty & courses directly
  • Free Application

Benefit of enrolling in a College Course Online

  • To enhance high school academic record for university Entry
  • Exposure to a college level course in the United States
  • Gain general college level knowledge of a subject or to prospective major
  • Transfer college course to meet unit or course credit at the University upon enrollment as a freshman (UFA)
  • Transfer college course to meet unit or course credit at the University upon transfer from a community college (UTA)

Why Credits are Fundamentally Important?

Credit is the foundation of US higher education because:

  • it’s the building block of curriculum for the institution and diploma for the students.
  • An institution develops its budget, majors, faculty ranks, etc based on the offering of credit courses.
  • Accreditation of universities and colleges, articulation between institutions, transfer, conferring of degrees are all based on credits, wherever and however they are accumulated, within standards.
  • AP and IB can be regarded as a practical extension of the use of credits

Exposure to the American Education System

  • Opportunity to enhance language skills and exposure to the American Educational System
  • Explore ways American colleges offer courses and establish student expectations
  • Develop potential lasting connections with students and instructors for future collaborations
  • Develop learning and study strategies that are unique to the American educational systems; critical thinking, and independent learning