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Higher Score Guarantee

No risk. All reward. Get a higher score guaranteed on your official test or you can RETAKE the class for FREE.*

Some preparation courses focus just on content, others focus just on strategy. Kaplan’s curriculum cover all the aspects of test preparation needed for a high score*
Daftar tes TOEFL ITP resmi dari ETS di Kaplan Edupac Pondok Indah! Cek jadwal tes setiap bulannya!

Prep Smarter, Score Higher!

KAPLAN menyediakan kursus persiapan ujian untuk TOEFL IBT, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, TOEIC, SAT dan CFA. Memberikan Anda pandangan dan strategi untuk mencapai nilai yang tinggi untuk memasuki universitas dan perguruan tinggi terbaik. Dengan pengalaman lebih dari 80 tahun, KAPLAN adalah pemimpin dalam persiapan ujian yang telah membantu jutaan siswa dalam menghadapi ujian yang diperlukan untuk mencapai tujuan pendidikan, karir, dan pribadi mereka. KAPLAN memiliki metode belajar yang membantu Anda mencapai nilai tertinggi yang Anda inginkan.

Our Programs

What our students says


Gabriella & Giovanna Thohir

Global Jaya School
TOEFL iBT Prep Student (Before: 90 and 92, After: 118 & 119)

“Kaplan provided us with the best materials for the TOEFL test. We are taught by an amazing and awesome teacher. We have achieve almost a perfect score! “


Zerlinda Rachel

Binus School
TOEFL iBT Prep Student (Before: 90, After: 114)

“Kaplan prepared me well for the TOEFL test by providing useful tips and tricks. In the end I have gotten a really good score which I am proud of. “


Christy Zakarias

SinarMas World Academy
TOEFL iBT Prep Student (Before: 74, After: 113)

“Through my TOEFL course in Kaplan, I experienced drastic improvements that are clearly depicted from my TOEFL scores. The classes are so organized, yet outgoing and welcoming. Kaplan has created an environment where students, teachers and staffs are supportive towards one another which ensures improvements for all of its students.”


Indah Dewi Purnamasari

Institut Teknologi Bandung
TOEFL iBT Prep Student (Before: 82, After: 105)

“Kaplan has given me such effective strategies for the TOEFL test. The learning atmosphere was comfortable, excellent teacher and helpful staffs made my TOEFL course a fun journey.”


Callista Annika

Binus School Simprug
SSAT Prep Student (Before: 1990, After: 2220)

“I really liked the SSAT class I took in Kaplan. Other than the fact that the teacher was an amazing and fun teacher, I was also given many valuable skills that helped in achieving a high score in my SSAT. The tips and tricks provided were thoughtful and helpful throughout”


Kristie Azaziah Jaya

Tunas Bangsa Christian School
TOEFL iBT Prep Student (Before: 87, After: 111)

“The TOEFL Program at Kaplan is very systematic, making even the hardest parts (writing and speaking) so much easier. The teaching is easy to understand and the homeworks and practice really helped me to do well on the test day. It is also interesting that what I learned on the TOEFL course helped me on my SAT as well. Furthermore, the learning atmosphere and friends I made here were great! ”



Jason Setiadi

Binus International School - Serpong
IELTS Prep Student (Before: 5.5, After: 7.0)

“Studying in Kaplan has given me the opportunity to improve, to reflext , and to sharpen my ability of using English as my second language. Great impacts have driven me through drills given by the teacher, especially Mr. Gregory. who may also be considered as a friendly tutor. I feel very pleased by the lesson given in intensive courses in Kaplan.”