Ayo bergabung di kelas Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) Levevl 1 yang diadakan oleh Kaplan. Kaplan Financial Indonesia merupakan lembaga pendidikan resmi yang mengadakan program persiapan ujian CFA®. Para peserta yang mengikuti kelas program ini akan diberikan Essential study package senilai $699 (senilai Rp 10.485.000) dari Kaplan Schweser yang bisa diakses 24 jam secara online. Selain itu juga, peserta akan mengikuti kelas tatap muka dengan para pengajar yang merupakan CFA® Charterholder. Program ini bisa diikuti oleh siapapun dan sangat disarankan untuk para calon peserta ujian CFA®.



Chartered Financial Analyst®CFA® Level I 2023 (Batch 10)
Dates:January 2023
Day & Time:Selasa & Kamis / 18:30-21:00
Instructors:CFA® Charterholders
Venue:Online via Zoom/Webex
Language:Mixed (English & Indonesian)
Study Material:Original Kaplan Schweser CFA® Level I Essential Package (Value USD699)
Package Options Available:
Essential PackagePremium Package
Rp 13.500.000

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Rp 15.500.000

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SubjectNumber of Meetings
Intro to Financial Statement for Non Business Background1
CFA Institute Core Materials (10 topics)24
Final Review2
Review Session on Schweser Practice Test (Tips & Strategies)2
Total29 meetings (73 hours)

  • Adwin Suryana, MBA, CFA, FRM – Independent Professional Investor
  • Anil Kumar, CFA, MBA, CWM, AWMI – Head of Fixed Income, Ashmore Asset Management Indonesia
  • Dicky Darmawi, CFA – Head of Tax, Moores Rowland Indonesia
  • Melisa Hendrawati, CFA, FRM, MBA – Chief Financial Officer at Bank Fama International
  • Ray Aditya Laksana, CFA, FRM – Director, DBS Vickers Sekuritas Indonesia
  • Franky Rivan, CFA – Manager Investment & Product Specialist, BNP Paribas Asset Management
  • Verni Dianti, CFA – Head of Investment at Kendall Court
  • Steve D. Anggara, CFA – Fund Manager/Senior Analyst, Insight Investment Management
  • Adiputra Tjengdinata, CFA – Head of Investor Communication & Business Analysis at PT Bank Mandiri Persero Tbk
  • Bramantya Egin Pratama, CFA, FRM – Vice President, Head of Product Development at PT Indo Premier Investment Management
  • Ignatius Denny Wicaksono, ST, MBA, CFA. FRM, CIPM – Head of Business Development Division at Indonesia Stock Exchange
  • Bambang Mulya Wijaya, CFA – Senior Manager at PT Borrelli Walsh (Financial Restructuring Advisory)
  • Irfan Adiputra, CFA – Investment Analyst at Trimegah Asset Management
  • Nico Laurens, CFA, FRM – Head of Research at Panin Sekuritas
  • Johan Candra, ST, MBA, CFA, CWM, CFP, CPC, CERG, QRGP, QCRO, ERMCP, CRMP, AWP – Founder & CEO of PT Starfin Nawasena Indonesia



  • Pass Guarantee. Bagi para peserta yang merupakan kandidat ujian CFA® Level I dan tidak lulus ujian, peserta diperbolehkan mengikuti kelas yang sama pada periode berikutnya GRATIS dan juga berhak mendapatkan materi Kaplan Schweser untuk periode berikutnya GRATIS dengan persyaratan yg sesuai dengan Schweser Pass Protection
  • Kaplan Schweser Study Material hanya tersedia dalam bentuk original softcopy online dan ebook. Peserta tidak mendapatkan hard-copy material
  • Materi Schweser dapat dibeli terpisah dari course ini. Product List dapat dilihat di link Kaplan Store kami
  • Setiap pembeli Schweser materi dapat melakukan top up ke Live Online Class
  • SchweserNotes eBook dapat diunduh di dua komputer/laptop dan dua gadget berbeda

Pass Protection (Jaminan Lulus) or Your Next Class is FREE

Nothing in life is guaranteed. That’s why we offer PassProtection™. We’re so confident that with your dedication and our study materials, you’ll have no problem passing the CFA Program exam. But, should you need a second chance, we’ll pay for your entire exam prep package for your next exam sitting. To be eligible for a full package rebate, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Purchase an Essential, Premium, or PremiumPlus™ Package
  2. Have a minimum of 80% class attendance.
  3. Answer at least 50% of your available online questions (i.e., QBank, Topic Assessments, and Practice Exams). To receive credit, your answers must be entered into the online platform.

If you meet these criteria and are registered to retake your CFA Program exam, you’ll receive the same study package FREE of charge for your next exam sitting.

On top of that, you can also still join the next class for FREE. No additional charge. That’s how serious we are with your CFA success.


MateriLevel ILevel IILevel III
Ethical and Professional Standard15%15%15%
Quantitative Methods10%10%-
Financial Statement Analysis15%15%-
Corporate Issuers10%10%-
Equity Investments11%15%15%
Fixed Income11%15%20%
Alternative Investments6%10%10%
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning6%15%40%

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What Our Students Say

Andreas Aditya – Level II

Kaplan has been (again) an incredible resource for me as I have gone through the CFA Level 1 and 2. It has created great content that provides the most important information from a section in a synthesized and easy to understand. Specifically, I have benefited the whole information that Kaplan provides in areas where the other sources on the internet just simply provide a formula with little explanation. The materials are very comprehensive, spending sufficient time to impart conceptual understanding and ensure a strong exam focus.

Furthermore, the Mock Exams are challenging and expose my weak areas. Concisely written and accomplished the goal of an effective mock exam to test my knowledge and help guide my further revisions.

Alumni of Mechanical Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology
Andreas is Passing February 2022 CFA Level 2 Exam

Christopher Robianto

Taking the CFA level 1 examination was definitely one of the major steps I made in my financial career and I am glad that I chose Kaplan to be the one that helped me get through it. The explanation videos along with vast amounts of practice questions really helped me understand the topics as well as giving me an image as to what I can expect during the exam. It is not an understatement to say that as long as you put in enough hours and preparations in utilizing the materials provided by Kaplan, you will have an ample chance to pass the examination

Credit Analyst at MUFG Bank
Christopher is Passing February 2022 CFA Level I Exam

Kemal Sandi Rahman

The reading is very succinct and very compact. The practice questions are also very representative. The Account manager is very helpful. Overall, this course very good and I would like to recommend it to others. Thanks Kaplan Edupac

AVP at BNI Asset Management
Sandi is Passing 2021 CFA Level II Exam

Andreas Aditya

I have passed Level I of the CFA Program exam in my first attempt. Having an engineering undergraduate degree, I thought it will be difficult for me but my decision to join Kaplan made the task much easier. The lesson that everybody gets at Kaplan is just phenomenal. The materials like Q-Bank and the videos really help me to prepare for this exam. All the instructors are great and make everything simple to understand. Hence, after the classes, I feel more equipped not only to appear for the examination out in general knowledge of the Finance industry. Once again thank you very much for your support and guidance.

Alumni of Mechanical Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology
Andreas is Passing February 2022 CFA Level I Exam

Devina Natalia

Deciding to pursue the CFA designation is a big deal. I am lucky to have Kaplan to assist me during my preparation for the level 1 exam. For a student like me with no prior real-world experience in the finance realm, the program is especially helpful. It allowed me to learn in real-time with multiple proficient lecturers, each with years of experience in the investment field. The SchweserNotes, online videos, practice questions, and mock exams on Kaplan platform also played a big role in my success in passing the test. Thank you Kaplan Edupac!

Final Year Student at National Chung Hsing University
Devina is Passing February 2022 CFA Level I Exam

Oriana Widjaja

Kaplan is really helpful towards my success in passing CFA Level 1 exam. I used Kaplan Schweser as my main reading and practice materials. The explanation there helps me to understand the concept. The question banks are plenty enough. I am also grateful for Kaplan’s team of instructors who are available for me to chat if I have questions about the topic. Overall I would recommend Kaplan for anyone who wants to take CFA exam!

Credit Analyst – UOB Bank
Oriana is Passing November 2021 CFA Level I Exam

Aditya Kurniawan

Kaplan is of great assistance in understanding CFA Level 1 materials by providing competent instructors, Question Bank, relevant in-house video learning, and friendly admin teams. I have passed the CFA Level 1 exam which was held in November 2021 on the first attempt. Thanks Kaplan Edupac & Schweser! Keep up the good work in assisting CFA candidates to achieve their dreams.

Alumni Universitas Padjajaran – S1 Akuntansi
Aditya is Passing November 2021 CFA Level I Exam

Calvin Johanes Julio

The passing rate for May 2021 has set the lowest record in the history, 25%! Despite of that number, I am glad to be one of the qualified students for continuing to CFA Level 2. I must say that I learned all the materials from Kaplan and their live-online course. Their e-platform, e-books, and lecturers were so astonishing! A detailed, comprehensive, and engaging class every evening. I would be more than happy to discuss with the Kaplan team regarding my Level 2 preparation course. And also, I highly recommend you to use Kaplan too!

Deloitte Indonesia – Associate
Calvin is passing May 2021 CFA Level I Exam

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